Where are you called to?

So many things have seemed to relate ever since I came back from Cambodia. We had FISH today, and we invited Christine Ma to speak about “Acts of Service”. The last series on the 5 love languages. Worship at the beginning was a little hectic having to get everything ready. Even when Christine started to speak, I was still a little all over the place. Until she asked us to meditate on where God is calling us to and to whom is he calling us to serve.

She referred to Jesus going on his knees to wash His disciples feet, to show his Love for them and to be a model to them. Jesus is not telling us to go to everyone and wash their feet, but it is a gesture of love and care for another person. She continued to do something that I’m sure shocked many of us in the room.

She called one of the students, one of her youth at her church whom she loved dearly. Took out a basin, a bottle of water and a towel and began to wash her feet.  Tears began to fall down the students face. It wasn’t a time only for us to watch Christine’s gesture of love, it was a time for us to meditate and connect with God. With the melody of a guitar in the background and watching the action in front of me, I bowed my head to ask God where He is bringing me.

Ever since I went to Cambodia, I have had an idea of taking a gap year before going to college to serve and to grow. It seems that is where my heart has always headed to, but is that where God wants my heart to be? He has showed me many signs, but not enough to be sure that it is His will. But it amazes me what He puts in my mind above other things that aren’t important.

All I can do is keep praying for God to show me His will, what he wants me to do next year, and if that is what He plans for me, He will give me the strength and the mercy on my parents because that will be a big obstacle. Please pray for me as I go through this stage as well as college applications.

In the name of our Father,

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