God’s timing and faithfulness

Although I arrived just at the end of worship for church today, I tried my best not to be aggravated and to relax and listen to God’s word for the morning. We continued our sermon series on fruit of the spirit this morning, and today we looked at “Faithfulness”.

Following everything that happened this past week, it was the perfect sermon. Pastor Tobin started off by giving us an example that sounded incredibly familiar to me. From then on, all other noises were shut off except for God’s word being spoken to all of us.

For many of us, our spiritual life is like a speed boat. We control where we want to go and where our destination is, we are zooming through without any interference.  God tells us that our spiritual life should not be a speed boat, but rather, a sail boat. You have enough control over the sail boat that it doesn’t fall over, but when we wind blows, we have no choice but to head in that specific direction. The wind is the spirit of God. When the Spirit of God moves, we move and follow. That is how our spiritual life should be, but somehow we are never patient enough to sit on a sail boat and wait, we lack the faithfulness to trust in the ‘wind’.

Our spiritual life is a cycle that we keep going round and round. When we are happy and have everything we want, life is great, we tend to forget God until we fall and get stuck in bondage. Once we are stuck, we cry out to God asking for his help and with his overflowing mercy, He sends his deliverer to free us and we see God. We worship and praise Him until life is good again. Does that sound familiar?

We have to understand God’s faithfulness until we have the freedom to be faithful ourselves. We have to understand that no matter what circumstances, He never leaves. To be faithful, we have to be honest with ourselves and most importantly, we have to remember that God sees everything we do, whether good or bad, yet He still faithfully moves towards us.

So many more things are making more sense to me now. One’s faithfulness is hard to have. If you don’t understand God, his truthfulness, his faithfulness and his Word, you are just on a speed boat zooming through life heading to your own destination until you realize you have crashed and realize how hard it is to pick yourself back up.

What do you think?

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