Precious family

This have been a very unproductive weekend so far. It frustrates me but the one thing that I did and would do any day, any time was visit Violette Marie LaTour at Lamma Island.

I was very determined to go see them this whole last week. On the half day of Friday, I headed over to Lamma on the 1:30 ferry and stayed for a few hours.

I wasn’t able to catch a 52 until 1:05 from Stanley so I was pretty scared and nervous about missing the ferry by a minute or two, but ended up being on the ferry 5 minutes before 1:30, thankfully. I got off the ferry listening to my ipod, with the wind blowing against my face, blue skies and white clouds, it was great.

First thing I saw was Lillian, about to get on the ferry to go to her play group. Too bad she had to leave and wasn’t home when I was there.

I made my way up the hill to the LaTours house and was looking forward to spending a  nice chill afternoon laying on their couch and talking. Seems like these days, I barely have the chance to talk to them.

Cindy and Violette was a little preoccupied when I arrived but it was great to see that Cindy was doing well, recovering well. When I got the chance to see Violette, it was incredible. She was so small and it was strange seeing such a small baby in the house. She was beautiful, she was so precious.

God is so gracious and good. Looking at Violette puts everything into perspective, that God has made everything so good. He has created us just the way he wanted and will continue to mold us in incredible ways.  Her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, even her extremely long toes, makes me smile. The feeling is incredible.

What a great family. I am so grateful that God called them to be in Hong Kong to serve. I am so thankful to be a part of their life and to watch Lillian and Violette grow.

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2 thoughts on “Precious family

  1. oH MY GOSH WHAT A GREAT POST. THIS IS SOO SWEET AND makes me feel so glad to have moved here and God s timing for us to start our LaTour family here. We will forever be tied to the Konger and to the friendship we have with you. YOu are always welcome to come lay on our couch and talk anytime. I know having college apps, babies and rugby games has kept us all busy. We always have time for you so REMEMBER THAT. We love you cant wait to see jojo graduate and be apart of the next chapter in your life… college… OUR COUCH IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE AND ARTICHOke dip when i am not recovering from having babies.



  2. I loved this blog. Cindy and I grew up together in Baton Rouge. I googled Violette’s name and came accross your blog. Just had to check it out and see if this was te same Violette Latour.
    Tell Cindy that the Daifallah’s in Baton Rouge say hello.

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