Senior year process

Senior Retreat


We have just gone past our 1 month into senior year. I know many people are feeling stressed already, but looking at this picture on my dragonnet gives me a sense of peace. We all look great, though we are all dressed in different colors, it still shows the bonding of our class. The greatness of our class.

College application process has began and many of us are filling in green sheets, pink sheets, writing essays, man it sure is annoying but once we recieve that letter of acceptance we have been waiting for all our life- it’s all worth it. Soon enough, we will be off on our own, attending classes without anyone forcing us to, and enjoying ourselves away from Home.

Senior projects. One of the fun and memorable events of senior year. Two friends and I have thought of an idea of what we would like to pursue. I am really looking forward to working on this if everything goes as planned.

While we’re in the process of searching for colleges, we wonder to ourselves, I’ve studied for more than 12 years now but what have I gotten out of it? What do I want to keep pursuing in the future? Or maybe we have no idea, aka. undeclared. It’s a frustrating and confusing time for all of us.

Don’t stress out and enjoy the year.

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2 thoughts on “Senior year process

  1. 🙂 so excited about senior project! I was relli sucked into that whole thing about early decision.. and you know, during in your face, i felt like mat was speaking to me specifically. He said – “ask God. oh seed of faith..” It was such an easy thing to do, and yet I kept going around .. actually RUNNING around.. asking for help as to which college to apply ED to. After praying to God, I realized – you know what. I’m not ready for this. The Lord spoke to me and made everything SO clear in just an hour, just like what Mat said. It’s just.. amazing.

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