Overwelming.. yet special.

Senior sleep over two nights ago at Lamma was a blast. We played guitar hero and the Wii till late hours of the night and early morning. We talked about our summer, talked about plans for the year. I am really looking forward to Encounter this year.

Somethings occured to me this past week. I’ve heard the word “service” a lot from different places which I believe is a sign. This year will be a service year, for all of us to help one another, to go out into the world and do something for those in need.

ONE: In FISH, we are planning to plan two mission trips this year, one to Cambodia and another to the Philippines. HKIS has never had mission trips until last year, and everyone enjoyed it.
During Film Club, out of no where, our advisor was talking to us and wanted us to re-focus film club to making films and short movies for the different service clubs around the school.
Two nights ago at Encounter, Tim also mentioned how he wants this year have do more servicing. To go out, help with po leung kok, help with whatever that will make a different in this world. To organizations that care about these kids without anything.n Finally, during church today, one of the main points that was learnt was to have a vision for a life of impact… a vision that is bigger than your own life. Blows my mind away thinking about how great this year can be.

We also had a special group of kids at our church today, performing, singing and dancing. The Watoto’s children’s choir from Uganda, East Africa. They are kids who have lost one or both their parents due to AIDS, war and such. The were amazing, the way they sing and dance, the way the smile of their face overwelmes you, the joy they have from being a part of Watoto despite their past. It wasn’t so much watching them sing and dance as a concert, but as worship.

It was a pretty overwelming morning, from having to watch Jon go back to Macau early this morning to sitting at church watching these kids who have been through so much, I was tearing up. It was hard saying good-bye at the ferry terminal. Afterwards, I stood outside the ferry terminal against the railing for a few minutes gathering my thoughts before leaving. I wish Jon could’ve been there with me at church, watching these joyful kids spread the love of God, sharing their faith and worshipping God together with all of us.

Second school of week here I come.
Senior year here I come.

A year of service here we come.

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3 thoughts on “Overwelming.. yet special.

  1. year of service….sounds like a good theme =)
    congrats on being a senior!
    miss you stalker….come online more so that we can talk!

  2. for all that we’ve gotten on each other more then ever the last week or so, i’m always around for a hug if you need one πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Jo,

    Long distance relationships have their ups and downs. Glad to hear that you’ve got a focus for this year that’s bigger than trying to just graduate and get through it! Hope you’re able to keep that focus even when times get busy and crazy.

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