Beg. of school

School has started and it hasn’t been too bad. My classes seem pretty interesting and most teachers seem nice. Hopefully it stays that way. I only have four classes this quarter which is not too bad, but I have a bunch of other stuff that needs to be done.

Business Leadership with Mike Baker
Senior English, Broadcast Journalism with Mrs. Tan and Fredericks
AP Psychology with  Mrs. Diehl
Spanish with Ms. Voce

The next few weeks will be busy. This friday is the Senior Party at the LaTours on Lamma Island. Next week, most likely I will be traveling up to China along with Mr. Schmit and a few other students to work with the US Film Crew for a documentary.

Having only one class every other day is quite boring I have to say. But I am looking forward to having Senior Priviledge so I don’t have to be stuck in school for hours at a time attempting to be productive in the computer lab.

I hope everything is going well. All my People to People friends, I miss you all a lot. It’s different waking up and not being able to have breakfast and joke around. For those who were back in town this summer and I didn’t get a chance to meet up with you, I am so sorry. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up soon!

Scott, I hope the job search is going great, we miss you around!
Mayhughs, can’t wait to see you guys in a few months!
Congrats to Jonathan Lee for getting the job with ATV!

“God will lead you to do great things.”


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