Not the greatest.

August 20, 2007.

Begins two hundred students journey for their last year of High School. Exciting? In a way, but I am very unenthused at the moment. I can honestly say I feel like life sucks right now, though I know it doesn’t at all. As Howie Day sings the song “Collide” – Even the best falls down sometime.

College Apps, APs, SATs, classes, all that good stuff.. begins tomorrow. Actually for me, it has began this summer. I’m sure it’s the same for many others. I feel like I didn’t have a summer considering I am nagged every day to read, look at SAT and start college applications. When am I going to have a holiday where I can literally do nothing, sit at home, enjoy the music, enjoy the day out, enjoy the night out with friends?

As much as the nagging happens, you would think I would be use to it by now. Nope, my attitude is still there, whether good or bad. To me, there’s never really a good time to talk to me about school and academics. Well, actually, unless you’re my friend- then it’s fine.

This semester is going to be frustrating. With everything going on, I will be tired and along with the nagging, I will be cranky. I am right now, just not in the greatest mood. So bare with me, please. Sorry in advance.

Haven’t been the greatest week or weekend but it has been nice to see everyone back again. You guys will be the ones keeping me sane this year. Now to look forward to The Senior Sleepover party at the LaTours on Lamma this Friday night.


is all i can say.

Lord, give me strength.

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3 thoughts on “Not the greatest.

  1. Jo Jo Jo Jo! Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Wow, I just had a big ole flashback reading this post. I will never forget my senior year of high school and can you believe the first day of my senior year was 12 years ago!

    When will you have the holiday where you can do absolutely nothing? Enjoy the music? Enjoy the vacation? Well, it’s all what you make it! You can do that now – you can do that this summer – you can do that this CNY…or you can worry and stress out about everything you have to worry and stress out about.

    Oh to be in your shoes again…it would be so lovely…but stress is all relative. What you stress out about now doesn’t stress me out now – but it did. What stresses me out now doesn’t stress you out – but it will. So hang in there Jo! Hopefully this weekend will be so BANANAS that you won’t ever worry about this stuff again!!!!

  2. good luck with your senior yr! so many exciting things to look forward to! enjoy your last yr of high school (mostly your second semester where you have nothing to do but just to wait for college results!) bro

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