Casino Capital of the World?

I traveled with my relatives to Zhuhai and Macau this past weekend. We left for Zhuhai Saturday morning, and found our Hotel Resort to be in the middle of nowhere. Though beautiful, the spa resort didn’t lend itself to entertaining us much, nor giving us many options for dining.
However, once we arrived in Macau and boarded the shuttle to the one and only 6 Star hotel in the world, we knew things were improving. We went straight to Macanese food (Dumbo’s for those of you who know it, wink wink nudge nudge say no more), where my crazy sexy BF met up with us and was polite enough not to order dishes he knew would make everyone’s minds go crazy with ecstasy, since he was merely a guest. After a multicultural lunch-on a couple levels, my cousins, Jon and I, went to the GoKart track near the Venetian (which is humongous). Finally we went into our 6 star hotel room and found the tv not working πŸ˜› We checked out every detail, especially the fancy multi-functional bathroom, which is almost as big as the rest of the hotel room. After lounging around, Jon took me to Fernandos where we ate with his Mom and saw the black sand beach in the moonlight. Had a dan tat (egg tart) before meeting up with the fam again. And off we headed to more desserts in the heart of Macau. By the time I got back to the Crown Hotel, I realized I could spend a week in Macau without even touching the casino aspect it holds unlike its Western counterpart which cries nothing but the slot machines. I wish I could spend a week there, but that’ll have to wait for a while. For now, I’m groaning at the fact that school starts way too soon. But I’m looking forward to seeing you guys when I start my last year-yes!


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One thought on “Casino Capital of the World?

  1. i have to correct you. there are a few other six star hotels in abu dhabi and actually abu dhabi and dubai have a seven star each. mehehehe see you soon πŸ™‚

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