Another month gone

It’s already the end of July, which means there’s less than a month till Senior year starts. Most of summer is gone, I was away for a month and I am heading back to Hong Kong now. I will be back Friday night.

Once I get back, I’ve got to start thinking about college apps, college essays and all that good stuff. Senior year will be busy but it sure will be fun, being the old kids at school, having senior gatherings every month with the LaTours- I’m looking forward to it.

People to People leadership summit at Washington D.C was fun. it was very strict which threw me off a little bit, but they loosened up.. at least with me anyways.. I enjoyed meeting all my South African friends, American friends, friends from every where. You all had so much talent and such great leaders. Hearing what all you of would like to be in the future makes me feel like home, feel like I fit in with you guys because we all have a goal in mind, share with each other and help each other out. Thanks ya’ll.

This week is Toronto have been busy. People to do and things to do every day. Watching movies, walking around town, golf, baby-sitting, Canada’s wonderland, etc. It was great seeing my cousins, looking forward to next time.

I’m ready for home and looking forward to seeing all you cool cats in Hong Kong. Leave me a message, give me a call, contact me if you want to meet up because the stress starts all over again.

Have a good one.

Love, Joanne

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One thought on “Another month gone

  1. awww….i’ll call you next time i’m in hk =P i was chatting with my SAT students about the life of senior today and i thought of you.

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