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Hey there.

I hope HK is treating those who are around well. I know the weather haven’t been very bright lately but hang in there, good ol’ summer will come back. On the other hand, the weather here in California is beautiful. I have been here since this past Thursday, so basically just a few days ago and I’m loving it. I wish I could drive- but other than that, the neighborhood is nice, the weather is amazing.

I have been busy. Shopping, walking around, went to my the first out of 6 college campus visits today at Chapman University- pretty cool. It was quite long though, my parents and I were there from 10 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon. Information session, campus tour, and met with the admission officer for international students- getting a head start you know… Sure sure.

I’m here for a few more days then head to Boston on July 4th. Is anyone around there? I will be doing 3 college visits there then head to George Washington University for a leadership program. After the program, I will be flying to Toronto for some family visits and a few friends perhaps. I can’t say when the next time I update will be- maybe tomorrow- maybe when I get back to Hong Kong. Who knows eh?

Hope all is well. Drop me a line here, on facebook, by email, and let me know how summer is treating you! Feels like summer is going to fly by like no other for me. Treasure it while it lasts!

Cheers, Joanne

P.S. Since many recommended In-N-Out in California, I went tonight with Emily and two of my cousins. It was great, I was a bit tired in the end for my liking but fun nonetheless. Sigh- I don’t like being a tourist!

In n out

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