Drained week

First week of summer have been quite draining, busy and tiring- but good! I’ll just briefly explain what I’ve been doing. I’ve been hanging out with my cousins a lot.

Saturday- Went to the LaTours house in Lamma Island for a NEW Seniors BBQ, spent time there watching movies, hanging out, playing Wii, stayed the night there with Cherie.
Sunday– Awoken and attacked by mosquitos. Church. Went to the peak- Bubba Gump for lunch and spent the afternoon there and enjoyed the nice day.
Tuesday- Extended family lunch and dinner. Went out for a drink and Priscilla slept over.
Wednesday- Priscilla and I grocery shopped, cooked dinner at her place and I stayed for the night. We watched Wedding Crashers.
Thursday- Watched 28 days later at her place, went home. Went to Jessy’s house and attempted to watch Glory Road.
Friday- 2AM in the morning Jon arrived. Talked and spent time together all night, brought him to the airport in the morning. Had lunch with Jessy, went home and laid out by the pool for a bit. Went to Cheung Chau with Priscilla, Jason, Curtis and Kenneth. Dinner, Fishing, Cyclyinh, Cockroaches, Mid-night snack, partied it up. We slept on a TWIN bed.
Saturday- Woke up and went down to the beach. Had some local Cheung Chau food for lunch. Came back to Hong Kong and had dinner with the rents and some family friends.
Breakfast with Hynah. He got his finger stuck in a hole in the newspaper. Church. Dimsum with Priscilla and Kenneth’s family. Tennis with Mi-Rha & the Woods for two hours. Dinner party Philippines Reunion at home.

It’s been a busy week. There were definitely things that I wish I could’ve had time to do though. Too bad. My parents and I are leaving for summer this Thursday, so time is running out and it’s coming fast. The next few days will be busy as well, getting ready to leave for a month and more catching up and good byes with friends. I have a strong feeling summer is going to fly by like no other! Kind of sad thinking about it, but will enjoy it while it lasts.

Congrats to Daniel and Anna Mayhugh for little Nya Elizabeth Mayhugh born June 24th.

If you want to get together, give me a call and I’ll try to maybe meet for coffee or something. Hopefully I will put a few pictures up the next few days. Hope things are going well whether you’re in town or out around the world.


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