Pure joy

Last night was the last Encounter of the school year. It was sad knowing the seniors won’t be there again when it starts, knowing that Scott Soule won’t be there. They’ve been such a big part of Encounter… Thanks for being there for all of us, I’ll  miss you all.

We basically had a party! Played Wii and Xbox 360 all night and went on a Tram Party around town for about an hour. Going around town yelling, screaming, being an idiot, it was good fun. Man.. all those deprived Little Kids!

For those who don’t know, my ibook broke down on me a few weeks ago so I brought it to the service provider. I wanted to take a break from studying and get out of the house, so I went to pick up my ibook. I’ve been Macless for a few weeks now and it’s not cool! Quote Nat: It’s like taking a piece of your heart out!

Do I look that white washed? I had quite an experience while picking up my ibook today. I went and I guess the guy didn’t think I spoke Cantonese or something so he tried to explain to me in English what was wrong with my computer. But I’m sorry, his english was horrible. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. So after he tried explaining to me in English, I spoke up.. in Cantonese and asked him a question. He looked shock, stared at me for about 3 minutes then answered my question in Cantonese.

It was pure joy. Added on to my joy of getting my ibook back.

Met up with Karen for dinner, and it was very nice. I’ve been too busy to hang out with her lately and it was nice to catch up tonight. Ate some good Japanese food and chatted about everything. Got us both thinking about things we have to pray about and things we want to do in the next year or so.

What role do I want to take on next year as a leader? What am I willing to do to fulfill that goal? How can I fulfill that goal? Will I have enough wisdom to do it? Many good questions and thoughts irised.

What are the answers? Prayers.

Good night, Joanne.

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One thought on “Pure joy

  1. LOL…..i guess you do look Asian-American, though that is synonymous with white-washed!
    good questions =)

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