sometimes it sucks but we love it

Life. Wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes it sucks, and we can call it any word we want, but we love it nontheless. We’ve got good times, we’ve got bad times. We’ve got times where we just want to disappear into a hole and not come out until everything, all the problems and drama are gone.

I told my friend this the other day just out of the blue and it’s been quite real…

“Every day I feel like I’m standing tip toed at the end of the diving board just about to fall off. Trying to stand still and not fall but if someone just pushes me a little, I’m off.. and it takes so much longer to get back up again”

Don’t really know why I’m typing this entry up, just felt like it. Stirred up in me to write something while talking to my best friend about life in general right now. Not to be depressed or anything, but just to write what I feel.

Haven’t exactly been the most energetic person or perhaps the greatest person to talk so lately. Maybe I’m still hung up on the fact that I’m in school now. Haha. I mean…. I’ve always been in school but from Cambodia.

Not to say everything’s been bad. Many things have still been great and I’m so greatful for those things. I wish I could explain what exactly it is that composes these negative thinking but I just can’t.

Some of you might understand what I am talking about.

But stick together, we’ll get through it.

Published by Joanne Lam

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