It’s been busy.

I guess I’ll start with that. School, people, things, or maybe I haven’t been busy but I just feel like I’ve been busy? I’ve been wanting to post so many times, I’ve had ideas almost every day but then I end up not posting and forgetting it. Dang it. Anyways, mostly it’s been good though. I was having a family dinner the other day and my uncle and I started talking. He mentioned how every Saturday and Sunday morning, there is a sermon on TV and how he enjoyed watching them because the Pastor spoke very well. That morning, he was watching again and the Pastor was talking about Happiness.

So my uncle asked me, How do you attain happiness?  My first answer was “Through God.” My uncle then answered “hmm.. but what about on a more practical level? What is the difference between someone that is happy and someone that is not? The pastor talked about five main things.. what do you think they are?” We talked for a while more, and mentioned a couple of points.. he didn’t remember all five.

1) Be content with who you are and what you do.
2) Let your expectations fall once in a while.
3) Have a positive attitude, be optimistic.

I’m sure many of you already knew that, but it’s nice to be reminded of it once in a while. Going back to my first answer, “Attaining happiness from God.” Some of you have heard me talk about this. Sometimes we don’t notice the difference between a Christian and a Non-Christian. They could both be a very kind and nice person.

But I feel that there is a difference, to me, when I meet them. Maybe this doesn’t relate to many people. But I feel a different connection and a different kind of Love from a Christian. Perhaps because we all have a common goal.  Not saying the other connection and love is bad. Just a different feeling. What do you think? I could probably explain more but I’m pretty bad at explaining at the moment. So… Feel free to leave any comments please!

Sundays seem to be my best days nowadays. Church, lunch with the usual bunch, my amazing friends: Mary, Ashley, Minori, Cheryl, CT, Scott. Hang out with them, catch up, talk about our week. I’m so glad I’m able to talk to ya’ll about anything, whether it’s about friends, about family, about school, about God. Thank you 🙂

I had a great Sunday yesterday. Church, Dim sum, heart to heart talk, Google Earth, Xbox, Laughter, Intense Wii tennis, bowling and boxing, Jon, Star ferry, bus ride. Everyone deserve days like this.

Matt Redman is this Friday. and THAT is exciting!

Loving the Lord,

Published by Joanne Lam

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2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Happiness, happiness is all i long for..like the song 😉 so i’m prolly supposed to comment on each of your posts..i bet you’d like that :p for now just this: BAD GRAMMAR!!
    😉 i wouldn’t mention it except it’s on your main thingymajjiger velcoming ppl into your hall of wisdom…

  2. Hummm….interesting entry Jo. Your idea about a different kind of love has left me thinking. I have lots to say, but I’m going to save it for another time or perhaps not a blog comment. I like your answer about happiness.

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