He is the audience

Easter Monday, also the last day of holiday before school starts up again. I feel like I stayed home all day, pretty exhausted but actually I played basketball at 10 in the morning for an hour or so. Had a Greek salad with a ice lemon tea and spent some time catching up with a friend.

Darius and I was sitting in the outdoor part of the restaurant in American Club. It was such a nice day too, too bad I couldn’t get out.. and was a little too tired after basketball in the morning.. to go hiking around Tai Tam. That would’ve been pretty neat. For the first time in a week, the sky wasn’t grey, wasn’t foggy and dark. Though it was still a little windy and cold, it was beautiful.

We spent time catching up on our lives, filling each other in about the last month or two. It lead us to talking about church, in which I asked “What did you think of church and the sermon yesterday?” He told me what he thought then went on to tell me how the sermon is one of the lowest priority for him at church.

When we go to church on Sundays, we listen to the sermon, and hopefully learn and grow from it. Personally, the sermon has always been one of the top on my list. Sometimes we think we are the audience listening to the Pastor preach. Which is true on one level, but on another, God is really the audience. He is watching us. Watching how we perform at church.

Entering the House of God every Sunday, it’s like we are standing before Him and performing. It’s about that time and that relationship between you and God. Not just about listening to the sermon and hoping to grow from it, although the sermon is important as well.  It really is quite powerful if you think about it.

I am quite worn out, I hope every one had a good break. We are back in school, I am kind of ready for school, it’s another day closer to Friday. It’s another day closer to Cambodia. It’s another day closer to summer!

Have a great night.

In Christ, Joanne.

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