Easter Sunday

Happy Easter sunday!

It is one of the most important holiday for some people, and just another public holiday for some. It’s been a nice Easter Sunday, pretty relaxing. Waking up to an email from my best friend who is currently in the states is always a nice thing.

Church was great. As some of you know, I dressed up a little bit so many people were surprised. Shock Value. Thanks to Mary and Ashley who picked out my top when they ransacked my closet. Seemed there was more people on Easter Sunday, even if they only come once a year, it was pretty sweet. What made it better was worship songs were good and the sermon was great as well!

Short recap of the sermon (which usually ends up pretty long but oh well) – 

Some of us have power over our friends because we are popular. Employers have power over the employees. The managers or CEOs have power over the small little guys working for them. Parents have power over their children. We all have power of some sort. We all also have the need to make ourselves feel significant. And many times, we use our power to make ourselves feel significant. When we use that power, we feel good but the other might not.

The illusion of power.

What we sometimes do not realize is that power is temporary. All that power we feel we have, it’s only given from God. And the scripture reference to John 19:1-11 (NIV). This was when Jesus claimed to be the son of God, and the Jews went on their way to ask Pilate to crucify him but Pilate does not find another reason to do so. When Jesus didn’t speak to one of his questions in private, Pilate says: “don’t you realize I have power either to free you or to crucify you?” In which Jesus answered, while he was crowned in thorns, dripping blood and very weak, (John 19:11) “…You would have no power over Me if it were not given to you from Above…”

We are indeed powerless, unable to be as good as God, we are NOT perfect. But we still have a power inside us, and that’s God’s power. His power gives us meaning and purpose in midst of crisis. Gives us teachings in times of pain. He never said we would have an easy life, or that everything will be great once you meet Him, He is not a good luck charm.

When things seem to go wrong, when we are in pain. We realize we are powerless. At that moment, we can know the power of God because we first realize that we are powerless and have to give everything to Him.  All our pain, our joy, our anguish, our worries. When we do, He will stir up that power He put in our heart and do great things.

The question that really hits home today is: How can the power of God be shown in your life?

– – – – – – – – – –
I enjoyed the church service. It was very nice because honestly, I feel I’ve been pretty out of the loop spiritually these last few weeks. Un-concentrated and such, but I’m slowly crawling my way back. Followed by my steak lunch in Wanchai which was very tasty, and with great people. I’ve got pretty cool friends. They dressed up as well, don’t we look fabulous? Not to brag or anything 🙂

easter sunday group

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. Quite tired at the moment. One more day of break until school starts again. Then we really won’t have any holiday until summer. Enjoy the last day of break and Easter Monday. Cheers.
In Christ, Joanne.

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