Quick update.

It’s Easter holidays right now and it’s already half way over. Man, it has gone by fast and I am not ready to go back to school. The next two months will be busy for everyone. Hopefully it will all be worth it.

The sevens was great. As usual, I was with my senior crew for the sevens, what am I going to do without them next year? Cheering, being crazy rooting for Rugby was pretty awesome. Oh and how can I forget the checking out guys part.. haha. Sevens is always a good weekend of the year. Makes it a good start to the Easter break.

I had a mini party at home today. Ashley, Mary, Minori and Scott was over. We first went to Taste to get everything we wanted to make this party a pig out party. Watched two movies, had a great dinner thanks to my helper, and even made brownies. We definitely pigged out like no other but it was awesome. We even tried to learn some new dance moves, I don’t think we’ve got them down yet. Give us some time. Love them a bunch!

I’ve been a happy girl.. well for the most part anyways. I wish my best friend was in town so I could spend time with her. I’ve missed talking to her. We’re going to be so busy we won’t have time for quite a while to spend some good quality time together. But that’s life, we just have to make use of the time we have together. And that goes for everyone, if you don’t see the person often, don’t waste anytime and make use of the time. It’s worth it.

Hope everyone’s doing well.

Let me know whats up,

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