Wake up call?

I attended Flight tonight for the first time and I had a good time. Thanks Levina for bringing me. It was different from encounter because they started “Quest”, a new series where they play a dvd and it asks us questions and we are given a few minutes to discuss. It seemed very familiar to me, so I’m sure I’ve done it before, but it was refreshing nontheless.

One of the questions that we had to discuss was “Have you ever had a wake-up-call?” Meaning did anything dramatic ever happen  to you that made you ‘wake up’, made you realize everything that’s around you, or just something new in general.

It’s a tough question, and I’m afraid I can’t answer that for myself. In some ways, I wish something would happen in my life so I can get over my selfishness and wake myself up. Sometimes I feel like I’m just sleep walking through things. But I am so thankful that nothing major recently has happened to me or people I love and care about.

At some point or another in your life, you will receive a wake up call or perhaps you already had one. The question is are you ready for it? Are you ready to be transformed and changed?  What are you like after experiencing it? What’s different?
This long week is over. I think that was one of the longest and most stressful week for many of us. I am glad it’s over. Three more days of school and I am off getting ready for interim next Saturday , Cambodia.

Tim Hughes and Matt Redman are both coming to HK to perform, How exciting!

Hope this week didn’t treat you too bad.

Talk soon, Joanne.

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3 thoughts on “Wake up call?

  1. MATT REDMAN IS COMING TO HONG KONG? WHEN? HOW MUCH? WHERE? I WANT TO GOOO AHHHHH. and…i need sevens tickets. if you can happen to run across some that no one is using. i’d gladly take them 😛 ohohoh does jon have any? i know i know yes nanda is incredibly cheap and doesn’t buy her own tickets. AND I REALLY WANT TO GO. argh. did you know they’re selling online for like…300 pounds on british websites? that is an obscenely large amount of money

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