I helped out tonight at the mini Errol Lee concert at the gym tonight. I helped sell the merchandise and at the same time, just talked to Marie, Errol’s wife. I had a great time, especially watching all the little kids, lower primary kids to even some middle school kids jumping around and appreciating his music and his talent. A very different crowd than high school yesterday.

It brought a smile to my face just seeing the kids run towards him, asking him for a signature and just talk to him. God gave him a talent, and he has used it very well. To build character among people in the world, traveling, performing and speaking to different age groups.

It’s amazing what a tough and different life he’s grown up with, and yet, he has no hatred or plans to take revenge. He just has to heart to forgive and help with whatever he can to whoever he can.

His type of music might not be what some people like, but it makes me upset knowing that there are people who are making fun of him, calling him names, many different ways. His message is something we all need to hear and follow, no matter what age you are.

Encouraging. Caring. He makes us feel important, something we don’t always feel around us. What’s your talent? How are you going to use it?

He’s a great guy and he has a great and loving family. Hopefully sometime I will be able to meet them again and have coffee or something.

Good night. Joanne.

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