This is new.

As much as I hate to admit it, and as much as I “sigh” when I hear the words lawn bowl. It was entertaining watching a part of this international tournament today. I can never stand for a whole day to play that game, but it was quite intense to watch in the end. I guess I can’t really explain it, but it was fun watching my mom in this intense game.

Everyone standing up not knowing who’s going to win until the last second. Then winning by just one point, one move, the last roll of the game. With massive amount of people around the lawn watching and cheering. It was impressive, I’ve got to say. The excitement that was shown around the field was fun, it reminded me of the holiday tournament.

It was pretty cool having to eat dinner at the ceremony of the tournament held at Football club. There were so many people, teams from all over the world, and the hall was quite big. Decorated, organized (well except for the ceremony part itself.. which was a bit annoying), and must I say, the food was amazing! I think I gained 10 pounds tonight from the lovely chocolate moose, chocolate cake and apple crumble with vanilla sauce. I couldn’t help but say ‘wow’ when I walked into the hall.

As much as I hate to say my rents play lawn bowl, I’m glad it’s their “sport” and they enjoy it so much. Things wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t play it. They love the sport, and they love playing it, even though its a tournament, it’s all just a game to them, which is a great attitude. The game lights them up, from the way the talk about it, the way they treasure it. It’s something we all need in our life.

It doesn’t have to be a game, but a hobby or just something that lights us up no matter what mood we’re in. Something to go to when we need a break. Something not just temporary. What’s the thing that lights you up?

No I am not going to start playing lawn bowl. Sorry mom and dad.

See you again folks.

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2 thoughts on “This is new.

  1. jo got FAT AHAHHAHAHAHAHA juuuust kidding πŸ˜› ok so my dad’s been going on those saturday trips to the orphanage with church right? go check out his wonderful blog skills πŸ˜› not to mention video. the video should start with ‘a day with andy’ or something like that. it is SO good. my dad has mad video skills πŸ™‚ it almost made me cry. i think i’ll start going up with him.

  2. wow….seems like mom did very well in the game.
    keep supporting them and go cheer for them, jo~

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