I was supposed to say something classy and inspirational but it’s just not my style.  But I do have something to say.

Wow, what a week, and it’s not even over yet.  It has been really intense but I am starting to get a real perspective again.  I will be off to the Philipines very soon to get Sun Burned and to do some quality worship.  Maybe I will actually get off my lazy butt and do something when I am there but I highly doubt my own lack of caring for doing anything other than sleeping will allow me to move an inch.

In the last couple of days, i’ve had to write about racisim and slavery and frankly it disturbs me that these things still happen.  But as Hynah does say, the structure of society does depend on the the different class sturctures that we have.  The upper class depends on the lower class and vice versa.  It’s sad but true.  However we must I guess learn to work with the differences.

Chinese New Year is coming up and I am getting readay to join a bit of the festivities, and hopefully get a little money.  And hey as they say in England:

“If it’s not your cup of tea.  Have some Coffee.”


2 thoughts on “Well…

  1. awww….i’m soooo sad about missing chinese new year and my trip to thailand =( when do you leave for philipines?

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