Short, Tiring but Worth it.

Dear friends,

It’s been almost a week since I’ve written on here and it’s friday! That’s a long time. Alright well how’s everyone’s week been? This week’s been treating me well, pretty exhausting and busy but it’s all good.

School’s been busy, work and all. But my frees have been compensating for them, doing work during my frees therefore I get to relax afterschool. A friend from Macau was in town for the past few days, and I’ve been spending lots of time with him. It’s good to have a friend to talk to and look forward to hanging out with. It makes school and doing homework easier.

Tim did a great job at FISH yesterday. He spoke about how we listen to music all the time, but do we really understand what the words tell us? They hit us when we don’t expect it to. He spoke about Love, where it came from, and how we should love our neighbors. Those we don’t like. Be ambassadors of God. Be the one people can look to and feel and see God’s love.

I’m heading to encounter soon. I am exhausted but it should be refreshing.

This post is kind of vague (yawn).

Jo Delight!

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