Still on fire an hour later

First off, I’m sorry if I offended anyone in my last post. I didn’t mean for it to come across as everybody in HKIS is like that. That is definitely not true. It was just the feeling I had at the moment in time through that experience. I’m sure many would agree with me. I did enjoy all the comments I got though, so thank you!

Secondly, and the one thing that I have wanted to make this post for is tonight. The past three hours have been special. Encounter, the sermon was good. It hit home, and the card idea, although definitely unexpected – was a good idea.

Afterwards, instead going to mango place or PCC or anywhere else, we stayed in the office. Paul, the old youth pastor for Harvesters was in town and he joined us for encounter tonight. We gave him an acoustic guitr and closed the door. He started playing and we all started singing. Worshipping, to songs that we request or to any song that he throws out. We turn the lights off and as time passed, a few more people came in and joined us.

Listening to only the acoustic guitar and many voices all singing and crying out to God, that feeling is amazing.  That is a feeling we don’t get very often, with so many things going on, the last thing we have time to do is sit for two hours with your brothers and sisters in Christ and worship to God in an acoustic setting.

We were in there for two hours. If we could, we would stay there all night.

It’s one of those times that you don’t want to stop, ever.

I’m alive, I’m alive. Those words continue to ring in my mind, the fire going through my body. The spirit inside me jumping around like flee.  I just want to continue singing. Sing my heart out to God.

It is 1:20 in the morning, not many descriptive emotions are coming out of me.

But all I can say is… Wow, God is powerful, God is good. 

Jo Delight!

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