Interesting Fact

Do you know why Korea is spelled with a K?

Corea: This is how it used to be spell. But why suddenly it was changed to a K instead of a C? This is when a large part of Asia was occupied by Japan, including Corea. But when Olympics came, they each had an olympic team competing. Much like Hong Kong and China. The order they compete in is by alphabetical order. Because C is before J, Corea would be competing first and Japan wasn’t happy about that. Can you see where this is going?

Japan changed Corea to Korea, so Japan would be competing first. 

Interesting eh? Well I found it quite interesting anyway.

Thanks Darius! I had a great time catching up with you again.

Jo Delight!

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7 thoughts on “Interesting Fact

  1. hmmmm you learn something new every day don’t ya? i think i am addicted to worship. 😀 tehe. not that that’s a bad thing. i think we should learn to play guitar and the njust sit around and sing at school 😀 that’d be sooo much fun. hey, if you ever come to church for the early service, come to lunch with us!

  2. hmmm i was looking at picture online. you know who’s really gorgeous? christiano ronaldo. that new soccer star. my gosh he’s cute. (random comment of hte day ;P)

  3. Hey Jo.

    it’s derek. i’m tagging you back bro. i haven’t the time to read up on your site but i will. just to let you know that i ball most monday nights are vick park. some of my young adults play that night so we’d love to see you sometime.

    it’d be cool to catch up some time..


  4. LOOK I’M BACK FOR THE THIRD COMMENT ON THE SAME BLOG! i’m going for a record! where are you jo???? YOU’RE NOT ONLINE COME BACK JO IF YOU SEE A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL DONT GO TOWARDS IT!!!! hahaha yeah ok just a LITTLE to much energy. i think i’ll go sleep it off 😛

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