John Legend Live in HK.

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The John Legend in Hong Kong at Asia world expo. When I first agreed on going to John Legend, I didn’t know many of his songs but after listening to them, he sounded great. Tonights concert, his first tour in Hong Kong was great. We had to wait a while before he came out, that was a bit frustrating but it was all worth it.

John Legend’s voice is great and his songs are beautiful, from the way he sings them to the lyrics of the songs. His band: the background vocals, the drummer, the keyboard, the bass, the guitar, they were all great musicians and went along with John Legend very well. John Legend’s style of music was very relaxing, very easy going music. His lyrics reflected life and relationships. They are all songs and lyrics that we can relate to at different times in our life jouney.

One of the feelings that I felt very strongly during the concert was one that is rare. I usually don’t care about a boy friend, but the music affected me in a way that I wanted someone to be there by my side. Just that romantic easy going kinda feeling. Good thing was, I didn’t have anyone in mind. I’m still young, no matter how strongly I feel about having a boy friend, it doesn’t stop me from finding someone that will treat me right. Someone who has a huge heart for God and won’t stop serving Him.

There’s my thought of the night.

Jo Delight!

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4 thoughts on “John Legend Live in HK.

  1. don’t forget boyfriends can equal disaster. they can be the most ruthless, hurtful, back stabbing, idiotic, disappointing, heart-wrenching, annoying, stupid, jerk, dickhead people you’ll ever meet! sure it can be fun, flirtatious. and blissful for however long…but ultimately unless it’s your future husband we’re talking about, which i highly doubt at our age, then they are going to stomp, crush, break, and destroy you.
    Song of Songs 2:7 β€œDo not arouse or awaken love until it so desires”


    i’m just being a tad cynical and bitter. but i’m glad you enjoyed the concert. maybe i should listen to some john legend… boys aren’t so bad (maybe). just remember to place God as your first.

  2. Hello dearie!!! πŸ™‚

    Soo.. we are both.. procrastinating at the moment – haha and later tonight there’s a two hour PRISON BREAK special ANDD America’s next top model! Lol. So I basically have a few hours to finish ALL of my physics..boohoo

    OKAY sorry anyway about your blog haha. I’m glad you had a really good time, despite the frustrating stuff about him not coming out after a long time and also you being jealous of that girl slow dancing with him HAHAHA wooops was I not supposed to say that πŸ˜‰

    Don’t worry I think You’ll definately find someone great, just gotta be patient and stuff..blah blah waiting is not wasting hehe I love that quote πŸ™‚

    Oh and Corrie =P Even if guys break your hearts and all that stuff, it’s always about the experience right? AND the lesson to be learned (that ones for you jo! πŸ™‚

    Love love,

  3. hahaha i know you put that at the bottom just for me πŸ™‚ hahahaha i probably would’ve posted on the wrong one again πŸ˜€ OHMYGOSH jo has romantic feelings πŸ˜€ hahaha i know someone came to heart. coughcoughhotguyfacebookcoughcough hahahaha πŸ˜‰ i’m very subtle aren’t i? lol went out to dinner with cindy yesterday and i was talking to her sort of about guys and how the ones who you don’t like or aren’t christian and such are always the ones that end up liking me. she said that that can also be God’s way of keeping us safe from getting hurt. so i think (remembering the sermon today) i’m really going to let that one go into god’s hands. i know i’ve been worrying about guys way to much lately and it’s become so that i’m afraid to become close friends with a guy because maybe it’s someone i don’t want to start liking or have like me. so i think the best thing is just toleave it up to god (which is basically waht you said, this is me rambling now). It’s hard though you know? i love walking around and watching people but its like when you see a couple walking around holding hands or something it feels like something’s just not there, like it’s missing.

    aren’t you proud? i posted on the right one πŸ˜€


  4. lol…jo’s turning into such a girl! wanting a boyfriend, next thing i know and you’re gonna post a picture in a skirt or dress, and then another one! but i love it! and i only tease you b/c my friends used to tease me too. don’t worry, the wanting a boyfriend thing will come and go. but watch out for corrie and make sure she doens’t get her heart broken because it sounds like she’s expecting too! so who does john legend sound like? i think i’m going to have to look him up since you guys all liked him so much. have a good monday!

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