Start of a new semester

Exams are done. All done. All over! Least till June anyways. This semester have been a good but complicated semester, I have a sense that second semester will be very good, with all that I am doing.

Jon got back a couple of nights ago and it’s been good seeing him and hanging out when we have the chance to. It’s good to press my number 2 speed dial again, it got a bit lonely.

Last friday was the Philippines Vision Trip Reunion. All except for a few couldn’t make it. I had a very good time seeing all of them again and hearing about their holidays and life.

I had a chance to catch up with a few friends today and it was good to go for sushi, walk around and just have fun and make jokes. They save me from the craziness of school, in and out of school.

Have you ever tried praying about something you really want answered? But you get impatient and you just don’t know what God wants you to do or if He is going to give you an answer or not? Well He is. He has everything planned and knows what’s going to happen next. The answers are not obvious, they will not be right in front of you just after you prayed. Sometimes the answers given are not the ones you wanted, or you were hoping for, but He has it all planned out, so Have a little trust. Every stumble is to pull you closer to God, to allow you to depend on Him all the time, pull you closer to brothers and sisters in Christ.

So don’t worry, don’t doubt, don’t be anxious and don’t be afraid. Because God has the answer for you, it’s up to you whether you decide to spend time to talk to God and find out what He has got set in for you.

God is taking care of us, through our sorrows and our pain. Whether it is evident to you or not. Keep trusting and He will do good.

Jo Delight!

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3 thoughts on “Start of a new semester

  1. “awkward and out of it for no reason” and the stuggling ‘socially’ bit. me. JO YOU READ MY MIND. bum bum buuuuuum jo knows all about me ahhhhhh 🙂 hahhaa yes we need to do something. im stalking your facebook, msn and wordpress right now. maybe i should go stalk myspace…hmmm the possiblities

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