I was hit by a brick. My overly protected parents rushed me to the Adventist Hospital and I got 12 stitches. Now I am walking with my head tilt down because I have a monstrous scar on my forehead that almost bares resemblance to that of a “dash”. That’s right folks, a “dash” scar.

I was born in 1990. Let’s not get too morbid, but when the time comes my tomb will say 1990-? That dash between 1990 and the question mark is what hit me on my head. I have been convicted yet again and inspired to wrestle with the endless question of

“what am I going to do with that dash in my life?”

So to my faithful readers out there, what are we going to do with our “dash”?

What a great way to start off the New Year, no?

On a lighter note, New Year’s Eve was a blast. I went to Llama island and got to celebrate and embrace 2007 with the coolest kids on the block – Tim, Cindy, Scott, Corrie, Stephanie, Dillon, French Chris, Kelvin, Jesse, and of course the one and only Lillian. I cannot articulate my thoughts, but spending quality time with these people gives me this absolutely unnatural feeling in my body (it’s good) but just so mysteriously wicked. I love it, it’s beautiful. We ate till our stomachs were bloated, laughed till our sides hurt, chatted till the wee hours of the night, and just simply absorbed each other’s presence. What joy, I must say!

The following morning, which would I guess be today, was just absolutely stunning. The weather was just amazing. Light breeze, blue sky, white clouds – it almost felt like I lived in a pollution-free area. Hah I just kid, but it was gorgeous. What a great first day of 2007! And to add to the greatness, playing with Lillian was a bundle of fun. She is such a happy and content kid, the parents raised her well. I hope she grows up to love the Lord.

After I left Llama Island, which is by the way a great get-away from Hong Kong, I crashed at Corrie’s house. I think Corrie has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, while I slept in her heavenly bed, she cleaned her room from corner to corner. What a weird child she is, but a cool one. Afterwards I went on with my life out into the adventurous Sai Kung, where I had fresh seafood…and that is how I shall end this part of the journal.

I go back to the dash. It’s funny in a weird sort of way, but a dash has equivocal meanings. I for one do not want to be living my life dashing from one place to another. I also don’t want to live my life with a dash of this and a dash of that. I want to live my “dash” fulfilling God’s purpose and plan for me. I want God to decide how I am going to live my “dash”.

1990 God ?.

Hello 2007.
(Jo’s alter-ego)

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  1. im jealous of you now. dangit. i wanted to be there. sorry you didn’t get your quality time with me, because i just know you wanted some hahahah jkjk

  2. sounds like a fun new years eve! you’re such a creep, i thought you really got hurt and i’m all freaking out right here! jo jo jo, don’t be the girl who cried wolf. i’ve been thinking about new year’s resolutions too, but i don’t know what they’re going to be yet!

  3. Are you ok!?!?! WOW! that had to hurt…how did a brick fall on your head?!?!? That’s nuts!

    I have to tell you that I had the most fun of 2006 on New Years Eve…and maybe of 2007…don’t know yet, the year just started! I’m really glad you could come! Thanks for making it all the way to Lamma!

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