just like old times

 One more day till I go to the Philippines for the weekend. I’ve been waiting for this for like ever. This week has been such a long week. Long, I tell you. I don’t know why, but with everything it’s just been long. I couldn’t even remember what days I did what! And Tyler can tell you how bad I was.

Today was my first time in a couple of years when I sat on the bench and watched the hkis girls varsity basketball team play instead of playing on the court. Although it wasn’t a very exciting game, it was fun sitting and analyzing the game as they played. While I was watching the game, I thought of maybe wanting to play on the court, missing the game but that would be selfish. Right as I thought about that, I was reminded of the step that I took, the road that God is possibly leading me to. That I am not doing it for me, I am doing it for the Glory of God. I am following God and letting him lead me to something beautiful.

tyler and i

I had dinner with Tyler again. Just like old times, even though we ate at mcdonalds. It was a great time spent together. (Shake Shake Fries are back for the month!!!!!!!!!! How freaking exciting is that?!) We laughed, we joked, we talked seriously. Just about life in the past six months we haven’t seen or talk much to each other. One thing we talked about was where God has lead his life and how God has been leading me the past few weeks, or perhaps what He is leading me to. I honestly don’t know, and I believe I won’t know until the day God shows me the light. But even then, the flashlight only shines one step ahead of us. It’s great to have him back and to spend time with him like old times, even if its just for a few hours. I am so excited for next year 🙂

Maybe I will do a quick update tomorrow before I leave. But for now, Have a good weekend!

Cheers, Jo.

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5 thoughts on “just like old times

  1. oh my goodness jo! i’m glad that someone else is as excited about shaker fries as i am! actually i think they taste horrible, but i like to watch real growns in their business suits shake shake their shaker fries during their lunch breaks!

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