Being selfless.

This morning I’ve realized how many people in our world are selfish. Whether they feel it or not, whether they know it or not. This incident, and thought came about from chinese class.

One of the topics we are learning in Chinese are the poor people, the homeless people in the world. One of the questions we had to answer were whether we agree or disagree with a “plan to help relocate/move the homeless” so they can have a house, and money to start a new life. The money for this plan will be provided by the government.

Out of the many twenty some peole in my chinese class, only two people agreed with the plan. Those who disagreed with the plan had many reasons. Some I agreed with, and some I didn’t. But what made me think about being selfless vs. being very self absorbed was the way they talked about how taxes will come from our own pocket, our money will be helping these homeless people but they think the money will just go to waste. I don’t understand. Especially when it was also said by someone in our class that the higher class (richer people) will have to pay more taxes. Would that matter? They are high class, they can afford even more to help the poor. Sigh.


This doesn’t have anything to do with what I have said already but I have realized in the past week or two how different life is being or not being a christian. Believing in Christ or not. Some of us, even myself included, have thought about dating and non-christian and how there’s nothing wrong with it. But the more I think about it, the more I think no matter how close you guys might be, it will not last. The difference is the goal you might have in your life, the person you rely on, the things you do. This does not just apply to dating relationships, any friendships, even your relationship with your parents. Just something I thought I’d share with Ya’ll.

Cheers, Jo.

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