restaurant hopping

Happy Lunch.

Instead of bar hopping, jessy and I have discovered restaurant hopping, during lunch time and it’s quite alot of fun. We shared a six piece Peking Duck pizza at Pizza express, which was an interesting experience. It was actually not bad I have to say, but it just didn’t taste quite like Peking Duck. We still weren’t full by the end of the pizza, we wondered whether we should get something else from Pizza express but since we didn’t have much time left and the food takes a while to come out, we decided to go to Chilli N Spice to get some Thai food. We ordered the pork and vegetable beans, it came shortly after we ordered and we were happy.

By the end, I was so full it was hard to walk. It was like we had two lunch back to back. Jessy had to go to gymnastics right after and tumble upside down.. I sure hope she didn’t barf.Β  And I got to go home, sit on my arse and be lazy.

Who knew lunch can be so entertaining?

Cheers, Jo.

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4 thoughts on “restaurant hopping

  1. Lol, at least while you were sitting on your arse doing nothing, you could make fun of me sneezing my butt off and getting headaches..and not doing my work hohoho.

    AND not to mention you are such a lucky gal you got to talk to me for soo long today!! Too bad you’re going to dinner soon – we could have made a record or something.

    Love always,

  2. aw i just commented and it went MIA on me.
    im glad that u guys had so much fun, I think i knew where u guys were, its that soho-ey escalator-ey area in central, right? i love that area so much, its so unique and quirky.
    goodluck on ur jrp, ok? get working dear
    love you!

  3. ahaha yeah restaurant hopping, now that’s good stuff πŸ˜€ peking duck pizza? and that…would be interesting lol. yes im ahving fun today. watching football with my dad πŸ˜€

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