Godward Gaze

Today’s been a productive day, yet not a productive day. I was a bit late for church today so I missed a little bit of the worship but it was amazing nontheless. The drum beats, the sound of a guitar, the voices of the church crying out to the Lord.

What does that really mean? I still am not really sure, but today’s sermon was powerful, along with the worship that the Care lead. Today Pastor Brett lead a great sermon, it was about a Life of Impact and we looked at the book of Nehemiah. There was three main points that was taught:

1. Sacred Sadness
Have you ever walked past a beggar or a needy and just focused on what you have to be doing at the moment? Have you ever felt a little bit of pity but didn’t do anything about it and just went on with what you’re doing? I know I’ve done that. God calls us to embrace sadness that’s shared by God.

2. Godward Gaze
Change your heart. Sustain your motivation. You need the godward Gaze to be reminded of why you do the things you do. If all the motivation are left up to you, you will fall. He’s invited you to a life of purpose so where’s your Godward Gaze.

3. Decisive Determination
Motives will be questioned but you must serve and answer to a God that will hold you accountable. Your life is your responsibility. Opposition may be broad and public. They will sometime be from the people closest to you and you will answer them without shame. Distractions will be plentiful. The enemy of the best is good. To make decisions that God wants you will need a constant relationship with God. Give all your energy to things of the eternal nature.

After the service, I had a chance to catch up with friends and talk to some of the Care people. It was quite nice knowing that they remembered my name and they wanted to talk to me. Tomorrow is the Care Banquet, I will be busy the whole day but it will be a good chance to just relax and see how God has lead the International Care Ministry to do great things. The Sutherlands have been really stressful and I’m sorry if I’ve bothered you. I hope things work out tomorrow.

Cheers, Jo!

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  1. ITSRAINING ITS RAINING AND BLONDE ME WANTS TO RUN! but i suppose i shouldn’t because of the lightning. if it stops for a bit then i shall go. yaaaay running in the rain makes my day πŸ™‚

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