Beneath the loudness

wanchai scenary

I was walking to my bus stop on the left side of the picture. Every friday or Sunday I walk across that bridge, I look at how beautiful Hong Kong is. All the cars going one way, with their headlights. Behind it, a pattern of buildings with bright big flashy signs. Tonight, I even saw a building decorated with christmas lights! What do you think?

Practice was hard today. I keep telling myselfthat it will all be worth it in the end, I really hope so. But either way, I am doing it, I am playing hard for the Team. The Players on the team. I play to shine a light for God, though I have trouble doing that. You though, are the last thing on my mind that I am playing for. Does that contradict itself? It’s so easy to dislike you.

Encounter was yet special again. We had the CARE staff lead worship. Following, with Daniel speaking his testimony, about being a missionary, and about life in the Philipines. Worship was amazing, they are so talented. It made me happy just watching them play and sing. Daniel, with his eyes closed, singing and praising to the Lord. The drummer and the guitarist as well. The things they do continue to amaze me, from a relatively poor country, but yet they have so much talent and have so much Love for God. Where is that love from this busy HK city?

Behind the music. Beneath all the loudness, I am able to find peace and that time to spend with God. Focusing on the song as well as just crying out to God. Just like Hillsong, I was able to connect with God even under a loud setting. It is always nice to be in a quiet place, listening to the ocean and talking to God there but if we give our heart to him, we are able to hear him, feel him, and even see him under any settings.

Cheers, Jo!

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3 thoughts on “Beneath the loudness

  1. hey jo, quite a day you had huh? tats a rlyy nice picture you took, hong kong at night can be rly amazing. yea you guys have a prettyyy intense practice, keep playing hard n working hard for the team and for God, doesnt hafta be for him. take care n ill be praying for you

    well you wanted me to give you a comment so there it is =) peace

  2. CHRISTMASCHRISTMASCHRISTMAS….ok so that was my energy for the day. i think now i’ll go back to doing ap geo. and probably fall asleep. oh well. daddy went ot watch golf today. he wanted me to go. glad i didn’t. worship was AMAZING!

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