the power of God


My first time going to the Hillsong concert even though they’ve been here for a few years. It was a good experience and I definitly got lots from the event. The whole day I was looking forward to this event, I kept telling my friends how much fun I am going to have tonight. While walking towards ICA for the concert, I found myself walking faster and faster as if it was going to make a difference. Holding the hillsong ticket, getting a stamp on my hand, looking at the shirts, and the cds being sold, I was getting more and more excited for them.

I walked into the auditorium, saw the crowd and started to find friends everywhere in the room. I didn’t have a chance to talk to each of them personally because there were so many people, but I had a big smile on my face seeing every one of them.

The hour and a half of music and worship started.Everyone ran to the front, jumping and singing to the music. It was powerful seeing everyone with their hands up in the air praising God. The way Hillsong was playing on the stage, closing their eyes and the amount of energy they have for God is amazing, it was admirable. Chris, one of the leaders from their church back in Australia, gave us a short talk about how we all have a purpose. Tonight, God was speaking to us, speaking to every one of us and filling our heart.

I felt something I have never felt before, when I was singing, i suddenly felt a pull from my heart. I didn’t know what to make of this feeling and I don’t know how to describe this feeling, perhaps it was me giving my whole heart to God. Perhaps it was me letting God come to my heart. I felt like I was being pulled, it was harder and harder to sing but it was a great feeling. To be able to let God come to my heart and speak to me.

What did he speak to me? There was a few things. Chris was telling us how we have to listen to God, let him guide us to our future. He was speaking to us tonight, he spoke to me some things for the future. Although I still have a part of me which I don’t know if I should or if God really wants me to, I had made a decision for now – Even though it is thinking too far ahead – again.

Another thing that I felt God reminded me tonight was that I have to shine a light of Jesus, God. At my school, with my friends, wherever I am, when people are reminded of me, I would want them to think of Jesus. The way I act, the things I do, I want all of it to reflect the greatness of God. When people say: “Oh jo? She’s a great person.” I want them to also say, She’s got the love of Christ in her, she shines an example. This is what I will strive to do. Keep it in my prayers.

Tonight was a good experience. Seeing all my friends was also great. Nancy, Emily, Daniel, Anna, Scott, and everyone who was there. Although I have school tomorrow, I will be happy.

Tell the world that Jesus lives!

Cheers, Jo!

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2 thoughts on “the power of God

  1. I’m electronically harnassing some of the goodness and happiness that you are displaying and putting it into my heart. And I’m smiling now too. Thanks!

  2. Holy Moly! I was mentioned! Teehee. Thanks dudette! I feel SOOO honored haha. I really miss you! Lol and I’m so glad you had fun. Haha do you realize we’ve actually been talking about Hillsong quite a lot LOL.

    Anyway, thanks! And I’m glad I got to see you! And.. watched you eat. HOHOHO


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