And I thought.

First day of our four day weekend, gone! Dang it.. this weekend is going to past by quick, I know it. It’s not been too bad though. What about you?

Sushi. IFC. First thought people say is that it’s expensive, because everything at IFC is expensive which is true but this sushi is damn good. Thanks hynah for treating me. Five hours after having lunch and right before having dinner, I could still taste the sushi in my mouth. The meat. Mmmm. Can you taste it yet?

Korean BBQ. Mmmm. Dang, I have to stop eating so much, I have been such a pig but it’s all good. I will go to Pure Fitness soon when I get the chance to, go here and hear all about it, you even get to work out next to hot fit movie singers.

Plus spending time with a friend who has been so busy the past few weeks was good, talking. Taking sticker pictures. Sometimes, We should all take the time out of our busy lives, invite a friend or two and just talk about life.

Remember me saying don’t jump to conclusions about people? Well, that’s true. I got to talk to my friend today and there are so many things that are happening and have been happening the past few weeks that I didn’t know about. And I thought it was all because she was busy hanging out with someone else. I know things arn’t that good right now but things will get better, I promise. I know it’s not an easy thought but I will always be here for you, no matter how busy you are.

~ cuz you are alive and you live in me!

Cheers Jo!

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