Busy Weekend

It’s amazing how drained emotionally and phsycically you can be after a week. This has been a short week too, but it has seems like forever, for many reasons. I have a busy weekend ahead of me, should be a good weekend as well.

This past week, I’ve gone through different emotions, some that I still struggle with every day. But I am starting to come to terms very slowly that it’s going to be the way it is for some time. No matter what, I shouldn’t let it get to me and just live life because it’s great!

Tomorrow is the Annual Christian Youth Conference, this year called the Sanctuary. I have been every year and it’s a great place to not think about school work, and just praise Christ with a gym full of people. My first basketball game of the season is also tomorrow at 6:30. We are playing against the Junior Varsity team of our school. There will be lots of pressure for us, but it should be a fun game. I am getting more and more excited about this season as time goes past. I keep reminding myself how great it feels winning games, being the championship of tournaments. We will have a game at 6:30 every saturday for the next few weeks, so come support The Lady Dragons!

Jon is back and it is good to have him back. To have someone to call, talk to and to get reassurance for the things that I do. To have someone make me laugh and to say Hynah again. It’s been a while, that word’s been lonely. Steam?

I promise I will write something better tomorrow, but for now you’ll just have to stick with hearing about my agenda for my day! Hope you are all doing good.

Cheers Jo!

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