The things I think

 Picture of the day:

Isn’t that beautiful? I thought so. I woke up one morning grumpy and tired then I went to my balcony to get some clothes and looked out and this was the beautiful sight. It brightened up my day, I kept showing my friends this picture and saying “isn’t that awesome?” It’s sights like these that make Hong Kong such a beautiful city. When I go to the US or Canada, I definetly love the sunrise and sunsight, the blue sky and the great air that it has but no matter what, it will not compare to Hong Kong.

Today during Peer counseling class, one of the things we talked about were Emotions over Thinking and Actions. E/TA. You can call me a freak all you want, but I think this class is cool. There’s less than 10 people in the class and we just sit in a small circle every class and just talk about helping others, our emotions, etc. If you know me well enough, you would know that I love talking about this kind of stuff. The smallest thing can affect me in big ways. How many times have we done something because our emotions causes us to – before thinking of what we’re doing? I know I’ve done it loads of times and then I regret it later. Sometimes it can lead us to do amazing things, but alot of times, it hurts someone or even your own self. it’s hard not to let your emotions do your thinking, but it is one of the things that hurt us the most. So all these leads to…

Tip of the day: When you get angry or frustrated and want to do something you normally wouldnt, to calm down.. hold your breath – count to 6 seconds and deep breath.

Quote of the day: “If you walk by yourself, the road seems to be bumpy and long; but if you walk with company, even the most difficult road becomes smooth and seems to be shorten.”

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3 thoughts on “The things I think

  1. it sounds like a cool class….you’re definitely not a freak. but that’s coming from someone who might be a freak, so maybe that invalidates what i say 🙂

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