Happy Halloween!

How’s everyone doing? Happy Halloween! There were quite a few people who dressed up to school today and it was quite entertaining. It was definitly fun to see a ninja turtle this morning before even going to school. Maybe I’ll get to sleep early tonight since I have a break from basketball practice tomorrow and I will have more time to do my homework.

How many times have you heard just trust in God, things will work out in the end? I know I’ve heard it more than I can count but everytime it somehow fades away in my mind. I was worried, I was disappointed with myself with what I have done and I was stressing over it because I didn’t know what to do. I was jumping back and forth between the two decisions because even I didn’t even know what I wanted to do. I felt people being disappointed in me and that didn’t help. One minute, I didn’t feel well at all, but the next everything changed.

A friend of mine who I rarely talk to first reassured me that it’s not as bad as I thought, that she understood and it’s not such a big deal then suggested to replace me for the skit if I couldn’t do it. It’s alot to ask to have her memorize a thirty page skit in just a couple of days but she was willing to and that is a miracle. I cannot thank her enough.

God is our helper, our savior and comforts us in all ways possible. We just have to trust in Him and know that things are out of our control, he has planned everything.

He also puts people in our life that will be able to help us to comfort us. Being able to send an email to someone just plainly saying “I don’t know what to do.” and having recieve an email back saying “Don’t worry about it, I understand and I agree you should do this.” I was first afraid of reading the email, I didn’t know what he would say but after reading it, I felt so much better.

Call to the Lord andHe will answer you Psalm 16.8

Cheers Jo!

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