needing guidance

I’m feeling confused, lost. I don’t know what to do. There are two things that I care about alot. I have made a commitment to one and the other I feel like I should not miss. My friends keep reminding me that I have made a commitment to it and that I should not back out, especially when it’s coming so close. But having my team and my own consiousness telling me that it would be the worse thing to do to miss the first game of the season does not help.

I need some guidance with what to do. I need God to lead me to do the right thing. What is the right thing? Only God will know and only i will be able to make the final decision. Either way, it will be bad so what know? Keep praying.

It was good to be able to talk to Hynah about it. He will be back in a few days and I’m happy. It has been so long. Someone to be there for me, to tell me what to do, without being bitter about it. Thanks hynah for comforting me and reassuring me everything will be okay. It is good to know someone will be praying for me.

Cheers Jo!

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4 thoughts on “needing guidance

  1. heck. i can tell you what to do without being bitter. lol. i think the thing is that people will be disappointed in you either way. basketball they of course want you there. and people at the sanctuary want you to. they’re couting on you. well. both are. thats teh problem eh?

  2. hey gorgeous

    even if youre confused, there’s ALWAYS one choice that you know deep down to choose. seriously. it’s like making a PROS and CONS list.
    there’s always one short of PROS

    anyway take care

  3. Well, there for sure has a win-win solution. Just to work that out with parties involved. All parties, including your self would accept whatever solution that you come up wiht….love and take care.

  4. wow. i haven’t talked/msged you in such a long time!

    my fault mainly, not being on msn… but i’ll try my best to keep in contact with you (and others) from now on… at least by commenting on the weblogs…


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