once again..

Bring me joy, Bring me peace. yes I am listenning to that song again. It’s been a good and relaxing day. I woke up late in the morning and layed in bed staring up into the ceiling knowing that I don’t have to do anything or go anywhere for the day. Slowly I woke up, chilled out and did work for the rest of the day. I enjoyed it.

Sigh. But I am quite upset. This weekend I am suppose to go to Love Actually from friday night to sunday afternoon. I have been looking forward to it for the longest time. I have been the last two years and I can’t wait to go again. Until I was told that our first official practice for basketball will be this saturday from five to seven. I thought I had to choose between Love Actually and basketball. It bothered me for quite a while. I’ve figured out that I will go on friday night and come back out saturday morning. I will miss out on alot.. but it’s better than nothing.

I thank Corrie and her parents for inviting me to El Nido, Philipines for Chinese New Year 2007. It’s called Vacation with a purpose, this is the ninth year and the cost is quite expensive with all the activities and the vacation spot they will be at. But they invited me to go for free and knew I would enjoy it. She was so excited to tell me, she knew I would be excited for it which is true. Until she told me the date, I couldn’t stop smiling.. then I was crushed. It is during the week of CNY school holiday, I will be in Okinawa, Japan for Far East Basketball. The El Nido trip will be with Corrie and her family, Wilcox, Dana’s family, Tim, Cindy and many others. I was looking through the brochure and getting more upset along the way. It looks like tones of fun and such a special chance to go on a trip like this. Once again.. basketball is in the way.. Sigh.

I guess these are the sacrifices I have to make for the Varsity Lady Dragons team of HKIS. On the bright side, it looks like it is going to be a crazy year.. this team’s got some potential. Final tryouts tomorrow, I look forward to this season.

Cheers Jo!

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