No Miracle

Hynah. So after having dimsum with my parents and shopping at Nike, I wanted to get a drink before I head back home. I go into city super craving a miracle. I power walk to the drinks area and I don’t see The Miracle of Grapefruit. Curiosity is where it usually is, but Miracle is not next to it! What happened? I don’t know.. Sigh. I had to go with a Root Beer in the end. Which was not bad but still disappointing.

Try outs are in two days. I’m not ready.. not for the running but then again, I’ll never be ready. Open gym today was pretty good. Most of my shots went in, it was a good day. But whenever I think of the running during try outs and practice, I cringe. I also over heard something that I wish I didn’t hear. But it’s not going to stop me from my plans this next weekend. I need my time away from civilization and just hang out and relax. There are so many thoughts going through my head right now. What if we have practice on Friday? What would I do? What would Coach think and say to me? Oh well, lets get past the tryouts first.

Yesterday we had encounter at Tim and Cindys. I went early to Lamma and explored with Nanda and Cindy. We jogged and walked – alot, it didn’t help that I was wearing two shirts as well. It was fun though, Lamma is beautiful. At night, we watched High School Musical. It was a cute movie, the girls went crazy… I was exhausted by the end of the night. It’s been a good weekend so far.

Hope all you rugby people are doing good and not getting too injured. Even though I’ve heard of a pretty serious injury already. Good luck anyhow.

Cheers Jo!

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One thought on “No Miracle

  1. No Miracle??
    That’s a travesty. But seeing that you did expereince a miracle in my office, that should have made everything better! I’ll come back and save you from the drone


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