Eventful no?

Today’s been quite an eventful day, well kind of. So I’m usually not the type of person who gets way defensive over my religion. I can take a few jokes, but something happened today that was just over the line and stupid.

A group of us was debating between whether John Procter from the crucible has changed throughout the book. 3 of us says he has and 1 doesn’t agree. I throw in the fact that I wrote about Procter for my character analyzsis and I got credit for it. This guy comes back with saying I have a stupid teacher and that our class is stupid. Because I also mentioned that we have started our first draft of our JRP and thesis, etc – he says that their class is smarter because they don’t need the teacher to help them. (When he needs help and goes crawling to the teacher with the JRP, I would laugh.) But that’s beside the point, he suddenly pointed to my necklace. It was a cross, symbolizing Jesus who died on the cross, symbolizing Christianity. Then he took out his necklace (jewish symbol I think) and showed me and said “See, this is why.”

I was upset, I don’t want to seem like a person that are so defensive and gets angry easily from comments from other people about my religion. But I couldn’t stand in, I felt myself ready to yell at him, but instead I just walked away holding in my anger. The thing is, we were talking about John Procter, AM studies, how the heck do you relate that to Christianity? Not cool I tell you. Not cool.

I watched the varsity guys rugby game today, it was an intense game, violent, as usual. A couple of people got hurt towards the end of the game, one had to go to the hospital (the ambulance came), one has to get stiches, and a couple were limping towards the end. They did well today, it was a bad game but Best of luck to all them going to Beijing tomorrow for China Cup. Bring back HKIS pride!

Other than that, day was pretty good. I am quite tired and going to crash now. Tomorrow is a half day and I will be spending the rest of the day at Lamma Island with the Latours. Looking forward to it.

Cheers Jo!

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