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When was the last time you’ve written a letter by hand? I know for me it’s been a long time. I can’t remember the last time I had a penpal. It was good fun though. Although I am big on emails and technology, I have to say hand written letters are definetly more personal.

Just this past summer, I was at a youth conference – DCLA. One night, we were challenged to pick up a packet, each packet representing a precious child in need of sponsership. Nobody I knew was going to sponser but I felt called so, and God has blessed me and guided me through this process.


Just a few days ago, I recieved a letter from Jose, a six year old little boy living in Nicaragua. I was shocked and a little bit angry with myself because I have not written him a letter since the summer. I have promised myself I would but I have been so busy with my own life, I forgot about him. Just tonight, I had some spare time and decided that I should write a letter back before it gets lost into one of my long to-do-lists. Writing the letter made me happy. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings. Imagining the face of Jose when he recieves the letter is precious. The way he would smile, the way he would feel, feel loved.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how busy we are with school, how much fun we’re having with friends and all, there is something missing. And for me, it’s helping someone in need of love. Stepping out of our comfort zone and reaching out to someone living a lifestyle totally opposite from us. To us, this may still be one of the many things we do everyday. But to them, every little thing we do lights up their day and gives them hope for the future.

“…and whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me.” – Matthew 18.5

Cheers Jo!

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One thought on “handwritten letter

  1. hey jo!!
    your little kid is so cute.
    i’m happy for you that you sponsored this child in nicaragua. its really amazing. i’m glad that you took the step to do something you felt God called you to do.

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