Already a year.

Last year on October 10th, a beautiful delicate adorable gorgeous baby was born. Lillian Grace LaTour. She’s got such a great family, they love God with all their heart and they love what they’re doing. We always think and or tell our parents that we’re growing up and we’re not babies anymore. Maybe that’s what Lillian’s thinking. Who knows?

But I will always think of Lillian as a baby, I will always want to kiss her cheeks and tell everyone how cute and adorable she is.  She will grow up in a great enviornment, with great parents, and great aunts and uncles. Happy One Year old Birthday Lily!


Having this picture above as my phone background. Everytime I’m at school and feeling stressed or tired, I look at that picture and smile. It calms me, it makes me happy thinking about her.

Sometimes life sticks it at you, and you’re just not in the mood to do anything. You don’t want to listen to anything and you don’t care about anything. You find dumb excuses to explain why you’re in the mood you’re in. This is the time when you just need to relax and pray. Go out, take a walk in a quiet place. I don’t know what I’d do without Stanley, without Seafront.

It’s where I go when I’m happy. It’s where I go when I’m upset. Eitherway, it lifts me spirit and reminds me of the beautiful place I live in and the beautiful things I’m surrounded by.


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2 thoughts on “Already a year.

  1. Hey Jo,

    Thanks for posting on my site. I added your blog to my toolbar (forgot to do that last time…sorry). Working my way up to your current blogs, but thought I would comment on this one.

    I hate Stanely! And you know it, but I still owe you a trip there…one day. May be next month…or may be not 🙂 sorry….like I said…I hate Stanely.


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