Ever been rejected?

How does it feel to be rejected? You feel rejected. That was the answer I gave. During encounter, Tim mentioned how the feeling of rejection is horrible and especially at church, we should always try to like someone, and not to leave anyone out. I can say that I do that quite alot, especially people who annoy me alot. Even though I might be at church, it doesn’t change my perspective of that person and that’s not right. We should always accept someone for who they are and what they believe in.

Worship today was great. From the beginning of the first song, I felt like singing and praising God at the top of my lungs. I sang loud during worship. I don’t care if my voice cracked. I don’t care if the people around me was annoyed. I don’t care if I sing bad. All it matters is that I was connecting and worshiping God. I felt like just being with Him, running into his arms and never leaving. Not caring about anything that’s going on in life and just be surrounded with your love. It felt like DCLA again. We sang one of David Crowder Band’s song and I was happy. I was “this” close to jumping up and down and running around. I love that feeling. I absolutly adore it.

God is amazing, and very un-expectable. He does things that makes my jaw drop and just love him even more! I pray that God will continue to work in his life, to draw him closer to God. It will take time but I am so happy that he took the initiative to talk to someone about it. It’s when i have almost given up hope that God brings it back into my life and shows me the reason i should not give up. He has answered my prayer and continued to guide me through this. I am so excited, you have no idea.

Ashley is leaving tomorrow to Sydney. I don’t have the chance to talk to her very often but we have fun when we talk. Happy belated birthday to her. I pray that she has a safe trip and will have loads of fun there and learn lots (hopefully). I will miss her around church but she will be back in eight weeks.

Even though there were quite a few annoyances today, God lifted that out of my head and allowed me to worship him without thinking about many things. It’s been good. I pray for a good weekend for all ya’ll!

Cheers, Jo.

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