What are they thinking?

I’m still freaked out…

“Somebody just fainted.”I heard my dad tell us in the car, my eyes bulged out and I was wide awake. I looked out my window and saw an old man at the bus station, on the ground, everyone else around him standing there looking at him and not doing anything. What were they thinking? I was across the road in the car, and when i saw it, I was THIS close to running out of the car, risk getting run over by all the big buses and go help him.

Life is so fragile. I always say that but I don’t always apply it. I take alot of things for granted even if I try not to. I’m born in a middle class wealthy family and don’t have to do much to help the financial status in my family. I’ve always knew these things happen, but it’s never hit me so hard. I was in the car and couldn’t talk, my heart was beating fast and kept looking back hoping the car never moved and I could still go out and help.

We go crazy about all kinds of things. We worry about school. We worry about friends. We worry about boy girl relationships, puppy love. But when it comes to these kind of things, we want to run away from the truth, trying to pretend that it doesn’t happen. We get upset and depressed about things that only affect us, but think of that old man’s family and friends. Think of the people around him. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel?

Life is short and it’s fragile. Live it wisely.


Published by Joanne Lam

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3 thoughts on “What are they thinking?

  1. This is really beautiful, jo! I love it! your an amazing writer… i wonder who u were talking about in that last paragraph… hmmmm…lol… but ur right and i totally get what your saying. *sigh* ur so wize! lol!! Luv ya Jo!!!

  2. I totally agree with you Jo! Live life wisely, that would be my motto:) You have good eyes for coupling dialogue and narration, and projects with attractive modesty. You offer us to appreciate an especially wide range of qualities empathy, virtuosity and wisdom. Keep it up jo:)

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