a quick getaway.


Lamma Island. I have been there before but this time it was different. As you know, the last few days I’ve been having mood swing days and today I got quite annoyed at one point, but when we got on the boat on our way to Lamma, I forgot about it. It was a small group of kids who went, only six of us, but it was great. Walking up to their house, the quietness, I liked it. I would walk around just before it gets dark every day and it would make me happy. Definetly crashing at their place sometime.
Seeing Cindy was great. I haven’t seen her for over a week, and I know she’s been busy with moving, school and everything. I can’t wait to catch up with her. Sitting up on the rooftop looking out towards the ocean, being able to see the disneyland fireworks, the whole of hong kong, the hsingyee bridge, it was beautiful. So quiet, not too hot with breezes every now and then. Homemade spagehtti, vegetables, garlic bread and cookies. Thanks Cindy.. so much. Thanks the LaTours for having us over.

It was exactly what I needed after the last couple of nights, I loved it.

When we were on the boat to Lamma, Tim gave us all a bag with a goldfish in it. He told us to carry it around and have it with us for the night and he’ll tell us what it was for towards the end of the night. After dinner, he reminded us that the theme for encounter was “follow me, and i’ll make you fishers of men” He talked to us about how we are called to spread the gospel, to evangelise. He told us to give a name to the fish that we were holding, someone that we care alot about but do not yet know Jesus Christ. Someone who knows him, but is having trouble, someone we could evangelise to. Most of us shared who we would name our fish. There were many people I would name my fish but I named mine Kevin- my brother. Alot of times he goes through hard times that i don’t know about, but I wish that he would change his perception right now and seek for God again.

During DCLA in the summer, I was asked the same question, if I had one person in my life that I wish would come to know Jesus, who would it be? I debated and debated but in the end, thought about my brother the whole conference. I know God will guide me through this and has a plan for Kevin.

What would you name your fish?

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