It’s okay to smile.

It’s okay to be angry. It’s the way you deal with the anger that will bring you towards sin. There is a difference between being angry about tiny things that don’t mean much, and righteous anguish. So many times we get angry over the stupid-est things and we carry it around with anger and hate. What is the point? Solve the fight, the problem and forget about it.

Being angry is one thing, being cranky for no reason is another. Lately I’ve had moments where I’ve been majorly cranky and I really don’t like myself when I’m that way. I try not to talk to anyone to prevent saying anything I don’t mean, but when I don’t, I don’t seem normal. I don’t want to be and I don’t like to be.. but it just comes?

So many times, in fact, all the time, seeing a text message from you just lights up my day. Knowing that you thought of me and wanted to get in touch just to say hi. Even though you forgot my birthday, you were thinking of me. I was having a cranky morning but after the phone call, I wish you could’ve seen me, my face lit up and I was my normal self again. Sometimes I wish you wern’t so busy, but that’s the beauty of it all.
On the other hand, encounter was great tonight! Worship was great, games were entertaining, the sermon was, well, I already told you about it up there “It’s ok to be angry”. Having some cool kids jamming and singing afterwards was fun to listen to. Missed a couple people around, but I will see them soon enough. I haven’t been to the Flying Pan in a while so it was good to go back and hang out with the youth group.

Sitting on the playground with you was great. I haven’t sat there at night and just talked to someone in such a long time and we’ve been meaning to meet up at night. I love hanging out at night just talking about everything. The wind breeze, the non-humid weather was perfect. I hope it was a relaxing time for you after a long week and long day, definetly was for me. It was a good night to end the week, here comes the weekend, busy but exciting.

Photo for the day: the most adorable kid ever.

Lillian and I

It’s okay to smile.. just look at Lillian! Do it!


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