Steam? loklokloklok. 16.

People say sweet 16. I don’t feel older but tonight was definetly special. Other than the surprise that my friends planned for me last weekend. My parents planned a surprise dinner for me. I definetly didn’t feel the best this afternoon, didn’t know if I was going to have fun tonight. While reading hynah’s email this afternoon, I wondered if I was going to see him today, on my birthday. I needed him right then.

While sitting at the stanley plaza theater, I saw someone who looked like Jessy from far away. At first, I didn’t think it could be her because why would she in stanley on a week night by herself? She would’ve called me. But I called her name and it was her, and found out my parents have invited her for the dinner. I was so happy, I couldn’t wait to talk to her cause school just drains out all the time I can talk to her. I sat down and noticed there were four more seats next to my parents, Jessy and I. I wondered who else was coming, but then I forgot. The next minute, Liam, Tim and Lillian walks in. By this time, you have no idea how happy I was. Amazing. I figured this was all and in fact it was all my parents have invited. I was surprised. I was happy.

In the middle of the meal, Jon walks in seafront. I thought my parents have invited him too but I thought he had another dinner to go to. But in fact, nobody called me. Nobody told him we were there, but only Hynah knows the real truth. And he knew where I was. I was shocked. I was happy. I was speechless. Steam?

Talking about old memories. Everyone talking together, laughing, making fun of tv shows, having fun. It was everything I needed. I had the best people around me for dinner for my 16th birthday.


You guys are amazing. Thank you for coming and making it the best. Thank you to my parents who invited them and planned this. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. My life would not be the same. I could seriously cry tears of joy right now.

Thank you for all the msn messages, text messages, myspace comments and the birthday wishes. Weekend here I come.

It’s a Miracle.

Cheers, Jo.

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4 thoughts on “Steam? loklokloklok. 16.

  1. Happy Birthday again! Seems like you had lots of fun celebrating this great day huh! Awesome. May all your wishes come true ^_^

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