A china experience

So how many chinese dim-sum places have you found that is cheap and good? Well today after lunch, two of my good friends and I went to this place in Wanchai right below the exibition hall. At first, when I went in, I thought it was a pretty cool place but my friend kept telling me she felt like she was in China. I didn’t understand until shortly after ordering. I looked around, the lighting, the people, the place, I started to feel like I was in China as well. China Opera started playing. Many old women wearing traditional chinese outfit walked by. Two mainland chinese started ballroom dancing right next to our table. I’ve got a picture of it but bluetooth is not on my side right now. On our way to leave, many old women dressed like a peacock walking in front of us. I could say in the end, that I definetly felt like I was in China.

Other than that, it was a damn good place. $62 each. Three People. And we ate 14 dishes. You have no idea how full we all were afterwards, the bus was right in front of us but we could not run to catch it. We would throw up if we tried running. Definetly had a good laugh. Next destination, ocean park.

Wildfire. Though I wasn’t that hungry, dinner was damn good. Partly because it was an early birthday celebration but the food was awesome. There is a new manager all the way from Canada, she was so kind to us. We were playing with my camara and she walked up and offered to help us take a picture. Ended up having a conversation with us.


I’m not really not this small. Well maybe. Don’t be fooled. Jarod and Dave.Thanks for dinner and the birthday celebration and the gifts. You guys are unique. You bring out the kindergarden side of me. But also the more mature side of me. It’s always different hanging out with you guys, the things we do and the things we say. Thanks for always being there and making me laugh!

It’s been an awesome weekend. Then comes another week of school. It’s going to be a long 5 days but hang in there. We’ll get through it and party it up next weekend again!

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4 thoughts on “A china experience

  1. weird lunch, it was. (sorry, i dont know why i’m talking like yoda)
    yeah i was telling my grandma about lunch and she was like “14 dishes for 3 people? oh thats not very much at all!” and i was like “are you KIDDING me?” yeah.
    now everytime we feel like going to CHINA (“yayyy” *clap clap clap* *look like a retard*) we know where to go..

  2. this is my first response, kinda picky.
    well hey now we can visit china without having to cross the border, and they have good food and its cheap too. Maybe next time we can bring a camera and take group pictures with the peacock ladies, and all put it on our myspaces because were all so cool like that.
    IF we go to Ocean Park, i will surly die.
    please be nice

  3. kindergarden side + mature side? That sounds like a conflict. Please resolve that in your tiny cute head or just admit that you are a mature kindergarden girl haha

    Hope you had a good time 🙂 Again, an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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