Greetings from the Other side…

Hello this is the reincarnation of Jo Lam. Well I am now at encounter and I am on my way to start worship. I will rocking to the smooths sounds of Dillon, Chris, Jon and Tim. And when I say smooth, I mean that my bowels will be shaking, and my heart will be thumping along to a new beat. Which is the beat of the bass drum. As long as Jon is playing, I will have a irregular heart beat. But seeing that is going to happen, in a church setting I know I am destined for a better place anyway.

I baked a cake this week, and for some reason I am really proud. It was really good eventhough it was one of those cakes that is made from a premade batter. Kinda just add water and watch it grow kinda deal. But I guess I am slowly being domesticated, and I am turing into a woman. Which is kinda scary if you think about it, cause I am so not normally the cooking type. A typical meal for me is sushi and some noodles that my maid makes.

Sigh, but life is good. I found a god topic for my English Research Paper, and it is so cool. We shall see what is going to happen with this paper, but I feel something is going to be good. It better be cause if it doesn’t turn out well.

Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

As You Were.

3 thoughts on “Greetings from the Other side…

  1. hahaha yes you can say you’re turning into a woman when you learn to sew, wear SKIRTS OR DRESSES (unlikely) and cook more than a cake lol.

  2. Cooking is fun. Baking is even more fun! ITs like arts and crafts, kinda. Those baking by adding water thingie is awesome u know. You can make a LOT out of those things. Let me introduce you to Sara Lee’s Semi homemade cooking. Check it out coz its awesome. You will get the full credit of the food you made XD

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